Siesta Room

Children require a minimum of eight hours of sleep in order to grow healthy and strong. Power Naps at yellow bee refreshes kids to remain active for the second half of their day.

Audio-Visual Room

Yellow bee nursery believes that learning should be imparted through various channels hence we find that the multimedia room is essential to create interest in diverse subjects such as music, documentaries and cinema. Furnished with a 42 inch television and surround sound system with bean bags and comfy cushions, kids have nothing short of a whale of a time here!

Indoor Playroom

Play, Fall, Laugh and Cry All we want is to play a while. At Playroom we find Slides, Swings, Cycles and Bikes. No Rain or Sun can ruin what we like!

Activity Room

Kids are given the freedom to explore their artistic talents here. They spend their time drawing, colouring and painting with their peers and teachers. Children are given the opportunity to be guided by their instinct. We encourage our little Picassos to indulge in their imagination in the activity room.

Music and Dance

We believe in Tagore's philosophy of integrating dance and music in the curriculum, hence we bring in enthusiastic, lively teachers who know how to develop children's interest in dance and music and make it a part of the learning process. This is an opportunity for some kids to nurture their god-given talent in dance and music and, for others it is the time to develop an appreciation of the same.

Medical room


Children will have accidents and it is to be expected that sometimes they will occur during nursery time. Should your child have a minor injury at nursery a trained first aider will treat them, the witness member of staff will fill in an accident form and you will be informed and asked to sign on collecting your child. In the event of a more serious accident, you will be contacted immediately.

In an emergency, the emergency services along with yourself will be contacted. For further information please read our policies.


If your child shows symptoms of illness whilst at nursery, we will contact you in order for you to collect your child. It is advisable that children who are unwell should stay at home until they are feeling better.

If your child is unwell, please inform us of their illness. There is a 48-hour exclusion policy regarding most illnesses, however please speak to nursery staff who will advise you on the length of time they will need to be off nursery.


We can administer medication that has been prescribed by your doctor. You will be required to fill out a form giving permission and clear instructions to administer the medication. All medication will be kept in a secure place out of reach of children at room temperature or a designated place in a refrigerator. A senior member of staff, the amount, only gives medication and a further member of staff verifies instructions. This is recorded and signed by both staff and parent/carer on collection of the child.

Safety & Security

The safety of children in our care is extremely important to us. The nursery itself is set back from the road with 24 hours CCTV security cameras surrounding and in each room. There are two door entreaty systems to pass through before accessing the nursery.

Transport Facility

We provide daily transport facility for kid's pick and drop. Our school buses are safe, well maintained and child friendly. Each bus is driven by a well trained driver and has the presence of a care giver to escort the child.

Library & Media

Our school has a well stocked Library with books the are recreational and educational in nature. Our Multi-media room has latest audio-video aids to help kids to watch and listen to educative, interactive programs that compliment their classroom learning process.

Smart & Spacious classrooms

We provide spacious class for small group games, jigsaws, puppet shows, drawing skills, writing area with smart board facilities.

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